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Diplomatic Visa (A2) to Student Visa (F1): A client came to us having been denied her request to change status from a dependent of a Diplomat to student. This is a complex process that requires getting an endorsement from the U.S. Department of State (DOS) before USCIS will approve the change. The DOS had denied her endorsement and therefore USCIS denied her change request. We first successfully petitioned the DOS to change its mind and endorse our client. We then successfully petitioned USCIS to reopen the case and grant her the benefit she sought. She is now finishing her degree here in the U.S.

Visitor Visa (B2) to Student Visa (F1): A client came to us with a 4-page request for evidence (RFE) from USCIS. He had applied to change his status from visitor to student and USCIS requested a substantial amount of additional evidence, only giving him 30-days to reply. We jumped on it, gathered the requested documents, drafted a 4-page brief carefully answering USCIS' questions, and our client received approval for his change of status.

Visitor Visa (B2) to Business Visa (B1): A client came to us with only a 30-day stay on a visitor visa and wanted to stay longer to attend a few business conferences. We jumped to action to file a change of status application with USCIS, successfully arguing business purpose, ties to his home country and financial support, and our client received approval for 6 months of stay here in the U.S. on B1 status.

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